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Nominate a Teacher For an Excellence in Education Award!

The time has come again for the SDACC Office of Education to receive nominations for the Excellence in Education Awards. Please see below:


The Process for Nominators

  • Eligible nominators must be stakeholders (superintendent, principal, school board member, teacher, pastor, school staff member, parent, student, or church member) and NOT immediate family members of the nominee.
  • If the nominee is a teaching principal, the nominator must choose either Teaching or Administrator Award. All letters of recommendation must support the appropriate award they are being nominated for.
  • Before completing the applications, nominators should check with local conference or boarding academy to see if the teacher and/or administrator being considered for nomination fulfills the requirements for the Nominee noted below.
  • Nominators must complete the Nomination Form, Letter of Recommendation Form, and a Letter of Recommendation.
  • Nominators must find two other stakeholders (one from each of the two other categories), unrelated to the nominee, to complete the Letter of Recommendation Form and write Letters of Recommendation. For example, if the nominator is someone from the School Leadership category (Superintendent, Principal, or School Board Member), the remaining two letters of recommendation must be from each of the remaining categories, one from Colleagues (Teacher, Pastor, or School Staff Member) and one from School Community (Parent, Student, or Church Member).


  • Eligible nominees must have a valid Standard, Professional, or Administrator denominational teaching certificate.
  • Nominees for the teacher award must have a minimum of one full year teaching experience in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada school system.
  • Nominees for the administrator award must have a minimum of two years of administrator experience at the current school to be eligible for the administrator award.
  • Nominees must be employed at least half time for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada school system.
  • Nominees must not have received an Excellence Award within the last five years.
    (A list of teachers who have received awards are posted on CAT~net – http://catnet.adventist.ca.)


The Award

  • An elegantly designed award.
  • Cash award:  $1,000.00 for teachers and $1,500.00 for administrators.


Application Deadline

The application deadline is April 15th of the current year.

Please promote this important educator recognition opportunity by displaying the enclosed poster in your school.  If you would like to receive more posters, please contact Brandy at perkins.brandy@adventist.ca Nomination forms can be found on our website CAT~net – http://catnet.adventist.ca.

Fill out your Form by clicking the link below.


Mission Statement:

The Avalon Adventist Christian Academy family exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve.